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The SkLO : OBJECT accessories collection is a carefully curated group of vessels, bowls, objects, and wallpieces. “OBJECT is a place of free experimentation for us as designers,” says SkLO Partner and Lead Designer, Karen Gilbert, “where ideas run unfettered, practical constraints bend to our imaginations, and we allow ourselves to explore the possibilities within the Craft of glassblowing”.

The new OBJECT designs debuted at Maison & Objet in Paris this past month, which included the VIEW Bowl and the CRESCENT Vessel, alongside the re-introduction of the CYLINDER Vessel.


The CRESCENT Vessel is a group of 6 unique double-sided vessels in a vibrant two-tone colorway of transparent colors. Each minimal vessel is double-sided, meaning it can be oriented with either end up, as a functional vessel or as an object. Each side has a curved, hemispherical shape, and the two sides are joined just where the two curves meet, for a dynamic effect.

“The CRESCENT Vessel were so much fun to develop,” says Karen Gilbert. “They are about combining so many variables into a cohesive group. In CRESCENT we are blending proportions, shape, and colors. We are using repetition of all these just enough for a cohesive group to emerge.”

Meant to work in composed groups or as individual vessels, CRESCENT is a group of size unique shapes, each in a dedicated combination of two colors. Each open end is cut and highly polished.


The VIEW Bowl is a two-part vessel consisting of a cylindrical base which supports a round bowl. The two forms are combined while both are still molten and on the glassblowing pipe, the bowl pushing into the cylinder below in an effect that showcases the expertise of the SkLO Czech glassblowing artisans. Each VIEW Bowl is made up of two transparent glass colors, one for the bowl, and one for the slightly smaller diameter base.

“The VIEW Bowl for me was love at first sight when I saw the first samples finished,” says Gilbert. “It is born of a single idea about the process of glassblowing – joining two forms together while hot. From there, it exemplifies what we look for in SkLO designs – the simple action of how and where it is cut creates proportion and immediately elevates the design, it is about combining colors in an interesting way, it is minimal, and it is beautiful.”

The VIEW Bowl is available in two sizes, and each size in three unique color palettes.


In addition to the new debut designs, SkLO will be re-introducing the CYLINDER Vessel at the Maison & Objet fair.

“The CYLINDER Vessels are minimal cylindrical forms that fit perfectly within the SkLO collections’ minimal side,” says Paul Pavlak, Gilbert’s husband and co-designer at SkLO. “The cylinder as a geometric shape is an endless opportunity to explore proportion, and we spent a lot of time narrowing the CYLINDER collection down to four sizes and shapes that work really well together, or as individual objects. For 2019, we re-present the CYLINDER in an exciting new colorway of vibrant, transparent colors that Czech glass does so very well.”

The CYLINDERS are mould-blown shapes that each feature the signature SkLO detail where they are broken hot from the glassblowing pipe and then immediately torch-polished, giving each an expressive “mouth”, a detail that is beyond control, making each piece unique.

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