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The DRAPE CIRCLE 12 Chandelier is a 2019 new addition to the SkLO lighting collection, SkLO : LIT.

The DRAPE CIRCLE 12 Chandelier is composed of 12 individually lit glass pendants equally spaced around a large brass ring, all suspended from a single, round brass canopy.

The ring measures 44″ (112 cm) in diameter, and, like all fixtures in the SkLO DRAPE collection, the individually lit pendants are suspended on a fabric-wrapped electrical cord, available in four colors.

All SkLO lights are built-to-order, and the DRAPE CIRCLE 12 Chandelier is no exception. The fixture can be built to specification, and simply adjusting the basic relationships within the fixture – the overall drop length, the distance from the canopy to ring, and the length of the pendants below the ring – allow the fixture to many different proportions and personalities. When you add in the standard color and finish options available as part of the DRAPE collection (5 glass colors, 2 brass finishes, 4 cord colors), the possibilities and variations are truly endless.

The DRAPE CIRCLE 12 Chandelier is an addition to the DRAPE CIRCLE collection (seen above, left to right: The DRAPE CIRCLE 8, DRAPE CIRCLE 12, DRAPE CIRCLE 18, and DRAPE CIRCLE 28), a series of chandeliers composed of individual lit pendants suspended from either single or multiple brass “circle” rings.

The individual lit pendants of the DRAPE CIRCLE 12 Chandelier are similar to those in other designs within the DRAPE collection. Composed of 4 1/2″ (11 cm) handblown glass spheres suspended on fabric-wrapped electrical cord, the glass spheres feature a signature SkLO detail: Each sphere is individually blown without the use of molds, and features a molten, rippling mouth on the bottom, where the piece has been broken hot from the glassblower’s pipe and then fire polished with a powerful torch. This is part of the SkLO philosophy of expressing the handmade origins of our designs, the introduction of a slightly uncontrollable process into the act of making so that each piece is unique.

“The DRAPE collection is an investigation into the potential behind the idea of a simple cord-suspended pendant which displays the quality and variation of SkLO handblown glass,” says SkLO Design Partner, Karen Gilbert. “The DRAPE CIRCLE 12 Chandelier brings an important new geometry to the DRAPE CIRCLE collection: A design that has a large diameter, but composed of a single ring so that it can be used in both low- and high-ceiling interiors. Like all the designs in the DRAPE CIRCLE collection, it is the minimal and effortless relationship between the individual pendants and the ring that makes this design so special.”