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We love the design of the TWIN Sconce so much, we have introduced another version!

The original TWIN Sconce – now renamed the TWIN 1.0 Sconce – was carefully designed to comply with accessibility building codes in the United States (it projects less than 4″ from the wall surface) so that it could be used in public, commercial, and hospitality projects in the US.

However, to achieve this, we had to make some sacrifices in the design which made the light unsuitable for use on the ceiling, or in areas that do not make use of recessed electrical boxes. So … we designed another one, the new TWIN 2.0 Sconce/Ceiling light! While it does not meet US accessibility codes (the original TWIN 1.0 Sconce is still available to meet that standard!), the new TWIN 2.0 is a fabulous new surface-mounted light design that is equally suitable for use on BOTH the wall and the ceiling.

The new design features a sort of double-layered version of the original TWIN 1.0 canopy. The two identical brass plates are layered together for a floating appearance, adding depth and substance to the new design. We love that we can now offer a TWIN for the ceiling – it is great for spaces with lower ceilings, a common design situation, but a difficult one to find good lighting designs for.

The glass of the TWIN 2.0 is the same as that of the TWIN 1.0 – two flattened spheres of handblown glass are joined together while hot on the glassblower’s pipes, then carefully cut and polished to create a flat surface, allowing the glass to fit perfectly flush against the brass canopy plate. Each of the spheres covers its socket, so both halves of the glass are individually lit.

The glass is available in two color palettes, each palette consisting of two colors, one on each sphere: white and off-white, or dark blue and light blue. The glass is held in place against the brass plate by a slim brass bar, which fits against the narrow “waist” where the two glass spheres meet in the center. It is an elegant effect.

The original TWIN 1.0 design is shown below in a palette of dark oxidized brass and blue palette glass color. You can see the difference in the canopy – here it is a single flat brass plate that fits flush to the wall. Also shown below is the TWIN 1.0 sconce without the glass attached. Our metalwork at SkLO is of the highest quality, made of solid fabricated brass, not plated. We like that seeing the light in a disassembled state is just as beautiful as when it is assembled together.

“The TWIN 2.0 is such a successful design, I am really in love with it,” says SkLO Design Partner, Karen Gilbert.

“Everything about the design is reduced to its simplest expression, and yet the design is very decorative, even pretty. Each requirement was an opportunity to elevate this design, and every little detail is considered. I like that it is a successful example of what we do at SkLO, how we work.

It started with a simple idea in glass, but one that tests the amazing talent and ability within the Czech glassblowers we work exclusively with. The glass you see on TWIN 2.0 is tremendously difficult to produce and produce in such a precise way, yet it is not machine-made – each is made by hand, one at a time. The design for the light grew organically from the idea of the glass element. We introduced brass, bringing in the level of sturdiness and quality we are known for at SkLO. We worked back and forth between the two materials – glass and metal – refining each until it came together.”