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Sustainability is woven into what we do at SkLO.

We take advantage of the obvious opportunities to reconsider necessary aspects of what we do as a manufacturer. We have eliminated plastic from our packaging, which is no small feat for a company that deals first and foremost in glass. And, our raw materials such as brass and handblown glass are themselves recycled directly back into the production stream itself wherever possible.

There are other ways to look at sustainability. As designers, we believe in the importance of design, and its ability to affect and improve our everyday lives. By making timeless designs and producing them to the highest standards of quality, we offer goods that will last a lifetime or more. Inexpensive goods meant to be switched out and replaced on a whim or fad are the opposite of sustainability.

Everything we make at SkLO is produced in an utterly non-exploitative way. We manufacture 80% of the components that go into our products ourselves in the Czech Republic. And, most of what we manufacture is produced from raw materials – billets and sheets of brass are machined and fabricated into components; silica melted into glass. Where we produce SkLO and who makes our work is not driven by cost considerations or bottom-line decisions. Instead, we produce our work in the very best way possible and stand behind it.

At the foundation of SkLO is a belief in the value of the hand-made object and the very idea of Craft itself. As designers, we seek to honor and express this in everything we do. The concept of SkLO is to work and celebrate a specific living Craft tradition: Czech glassblowing. We are honored to have the opportunity to work with a living historical craft tradition, a way of making things by hand that has changed little over many hundreds of years of human history, and by doing so, to help preserve it. To sustain it.