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The FLOAT pendant is the most popular and versatile light that we make. It is the “classic” in the line, a large handblown sphere of glass that reflects the hand of the glass master while paying homage to the classic spherical glass pendant. We love seeing how the versatility of the FLOAT Pendants lend themselves to so many intriguing possibilities in the hands of the interior designers and architects we work with. With all of the different options in colors, finishes, and sizes which are the hallmark of SkLO lighting, this “classic” has endless possible personalities and looks.

In the Shelby Bar at the Nexus NYC Club (shown above), Morris Adjmi Architects used FLOAT Pendants in an undulating row above the lounge seating vignettes. A combination of both our small (25cm / 10″) and large (41cm / 16″) sizes lends complexity. The finishes of opaque white glass and brushed brass hardware fit seamlessly within the classic bar palette, giving an elegant and sophisticated air.

The Kanoun Patisserie (see above) is a sophisticated and elegant salon de thé and patisserie located in the heart of the Paris 11th Arrondissement. Architect Studio Vincent Eschalier and decorator Diane de Kergal used a selection of SkLO lighting throughout the project. In the main sitting area, an expansive composition of large and small FLOAT Pendants flows across the ceiling. Suspended on stems of varying lengths, the opaque white glass and brushed brass FLOAT Pendants act as a primary sculptural design element in the space, and help make the modest room feel more open and less defined.

For this spectacular seaside villa (see above) located on the island of Corsica, architect Vincent Coste and interior designer Bruno Flechet selected FLOAT Pendants to hang above the table in the dining area. Dark oxidized patina was selected for the finish of the brass hardware, and a palette of five transparent glass colors was chosen to complement the stunning natural palette of the Mediterranean location. Composed by the designers using both sizes of FLOAT Pendant and staggered heights, the lights act as an important element of color within the minimal modern palette of the open-plan indoor/outdoor space, and define the dining area as a key use.

The design philosophy of SkLO Design Partners Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak is focused on the idea of Craft, and the celebration and importance of the hand-made object. In the FLOAT Pendant, we introduce a simple and slightly uncontrollable detail, which elevates the simple sphere of glass into something extraordinary: Each FLOAT Pendant has a hand-formed mouth, created while the glass is still hot on the glassblower’s pipe. Also, the FLOAT Pendants are hand-formed spheres, no mould is used to give the sphere its shape, making each slightly less than perfectly round. This, combined with the rippling, molten mouths, makes each FLOAT Pendant unique. Whether used as a single light, or in composed groups, these subtle details of their handmade origins make the FLOAT Pendants the versatile and beautiful lights they are known as.