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The ONCE Light is the new-for-2020 accent light design from SkLO. A group of accent lights that express all of the hallmarks of the SkLO design philosophy, combining subtle details of handblown glass with the clean lines of our carefully machined metals. Consisting of a single, lit sphere of handblown glass resting atop a brass ring, the ONCE Light is available in three sizes: 4.5″ (11cm), 7″ (18cm) and 10″ (25cm) diameters. ONCE Lights are available in 5 glass colors and multiple metal finishes.

The glass sphere of each ONCE Light features the signature SkLO detail: A small, rippling mouth which shows where the glass is broken from the glassblower’s pipe while still hot, and then fire-polished to a smooth finish. Details like this are careful yet uncontrolled expressions of the molten origins of the glass and belie its handmade nature and the craft tradition from which it comes.

Each ONCE Light comes with its custom brass ring, designed to cradle the glass sphere. The glass rests loose but stable atop its ring, allowing it to be reoriented to the best effect from its desired display space.

A minimal, machined brass socket attaches to the back of the sphere, holding the bulb within the glass. A black fabric-wrapped electrical cord with line switch and plug complete the piece. The ONCE Light is a stylish accent light, a functional bedside light – there are so many possibilities given the three sizes and multiple colors and finish options. These are the possibilities that SkLO handmade, built-to-order lighting designs offer within all of our collections.