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SkLO is excited to introduce new-for-2020 design to our OBJECT accessories collection.

The TAPER Vessels are a new series of two-sided/two-color vessels in bold colors, the FLOAT Vessels get two brand new color palettes for 2020,  and we introduce a new large size to our RING Bowl series.

These pieces are bold in scale and color and will make an amazing sculptural impression to any space.


The TAPER Vessel collection continues the popular signature SkLO two-part/ two-color design technique.

Building on successful collections such as the VIEW Bowls and CRESCENT Vessels, the TAPER Vessels are a collection of two-part vessels in a carefully considered range of proportions, sizes, and color combinations.

Using moulds to blow the glass allows a careful control over the exact sizes and proportions of each TAPER Vessel. The edges of both ends of each vessel are cut and highly polished, allowing them to be oriented with either end up. This flexibility offers the sort of endless possibilities of color and composition that is a signature of SkLO glass design. The TAPER Vessel collection consists of five unique shapes and colorways.


The SkLO FLOAT Vessels are organic spheres of glass with expressive rippling mouths. They are entirely free-blown, produced without the use of moulds to shape them.

The tops are given a rippling lip where they are dipped twice into the molten glass, and the mouths broken from the blowpipe and fire-polished while hot. These subtle details elevate the simple sphere to a unique thing of beauty that speaks evocatively of the Craft of glass blowing. Handblown in the Czech Republic.


Broad, shallow bowls of handblown glass that sit freely atop rings of brass, the RING Bowl collection is sophisticated and elegant. The handblown glass bowls are made to be extra thick and substantial to allow for the lip of the bowl to be cut and highly polished. The sturdy brass ring is custom made to fit the bowl, elevating it, literally and figuratively.

The RING Bowl is available in three different sizes (⌀41cm, ⌀25cm & ⌀20cm). Each size is available in either clear glass or two different transparent glass colors.