fill vessel

SkLO fill vessels are internally-mirrored vessels of handblown glass with flat central “windows” of clear solid transparent glass. Each fill vessel starts out as the same shape, and the final shape (“full”, “trim” or “cut”) is determined by where the piece is cut. The mouth and bottom are ground and polished. The internal mirroring is delicate and makes these pieces unsuitable for functional use, arrangements, or holding liquids. All glass dimensions are approximate – handblown glass dimensions vary by nature and intent. Handblown in the Czech Republic.

Seconds: SkLO product that may have slight imperfections or variations in size or color due to the handmade nature of our work.

Closeouts: Pieces that are no longer in production and one-of-a-kind designs, colors, or samples.

All product is of limited quantity, sold as-is and all sales are final. For all shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and international– additional charges apply. SkLO Outlet ships from California, USA.

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full 13”H x 9”W (33x22cm)
trim 9.5”H x 9”W (24x22cm)
cut 7”H x 9”W (18x22cm)
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select glass color
gold (closeout)
silver (closeout)
silver (closeut)
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msrp from $ 733 $ 440
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