DOUBLE VESSEL: new color palettes

DOUBLE VESSEL: new color palettes

The DOUBLE VESSEL, was first introduced in the Olive color palette in 2018.

Two individually handblown tapering glass vessels are joined together, back-to-back, while hot on the pipe. The two vessels are of two complementary colors, and the mouth of each is cut and polished. The DOUBLE VESSEL is an expression of the skill of the Czech glassblowers behind SkLO designs.

We have now added both the Ruby and Blue palette into the collection, to expand the offering and allow for more design flexibility.

double vessel : olive / blue / ruby  palette  33″L x 7″H x 6″D (85x19x15cm)

SkLO designer and partner, Karen Gilbert enjoys finding colors that compliment one another and create a dialogue. She believes there is an emotional relationship between two colors, and when you introduce new colorways you elicit a new emotional moment.

Creating multiple colorways gives designers more tools to create moments of beauty, and spaces unique to their client.

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